The Book

Hello everyone!

I am currently writing an e-book where I collect everything I learn on the film process as a whole, especially when not working with a large team and a lot of resources. Hopefully you will think it is a fun read, with a lot of helpful lessons and thoughts for your own projects.

The idea is that I am writing this in tandem with the creation of my own short film. That way, no thoughts are forgotten along the way. The complete e-book will be available for download for everyone who has bought it around the time the short film is completed, in different formats such as .pdf and .epub for use in e-readers. It will also be available to be read online here on the website.

Since it is an e-book, I will take the opportunity to update it further after its release if I get more thoughts to share, perhaps about the distribution and the film festival process, or other things that might not be clear until the film has been out for a while. These updates will of course be free for everyone who has bought the book.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments down below!


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