Source Files

When will the files be available?

The finished source files will be available right after the online premiere of the finished short film.

Which files will be available?

I will make most of the files myself and can therefor share them with you. However, there are a few exceptions, where I will use files from BlenderMarket, which due to licenses can't be shared. This means the source files you download won't produce the exact same images if you render them as the finished film. However, they will still be "complete" in the sense that I will provide placeholders made by myself for all files used. (They will share the names of the real products to make sure all the linking work, but won't include anything of the original products.)

Here are the products this film uses, and information on how they are replaced in the version provided to you: (this list might grow with time):

Graswald - Used for realistic grass and vegetation. In the included version I have made a couple of simple grass strands that is used as a replacement for all the real assets.

Sp2BLEND - A shader which takes textures made in substance painter and creates a Cycles-shader from it, to imitate the result of the substance painter viewport as much as possible. In the included version I will provide my own shader that simply plugs the maps directly into the principled shader node.

NOTE: If you own/buy any of these products yourself, you can easily replace the placeholders with the real files, and the project will be exactly like the original.

How will the source files be available?

The project consists of two folders, both which will be available through Dropbox.
The first folder called "MadeForTheFilm" includes all files that have been made for the film.
The second folder called "ExternalProducts" holds the items listed above.
These two folders needs to be placed in the same location for all files to find each other

The version of "ExternalProducts" you download from me holds the placeholder versions of the items listed above. By replacing any of the items within with the real product, they will work like the real production files.

Note: All file downloads are for your personal use only, and may not be part of anything that is shared publicly unless given written consent by me.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments below!


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